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Birthday Invitations: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

If you're having a birthday party, the invitations are an all-important part. Birthday invitations set the tone for your party and make the person you're inviting feel special. Why not consider making your own birthday invitations? They're fun and easy and will save money that you can put toward other things for the party, like a gorgeous cake. In this article, we'll present a basic overview of how to use your computer and printer make invitations that will both impress and inform.

If you haven't settled on a theme for the party, be sure to do so before making the birthday invitations. This is where you can get really creative. You might want to consider the season and theme the invitations for a summer party with a tropical flair. Or how about some adorable snowmen to announce a party held in winter? Another good idea, especially for adult birthday invitations is to select a theme based on a decade in the person's life, like the 50s, 60s or 70s. Wouldn't a groovy 50s rock and roll party be fun? Or how about the psychedelic 60s, complete with burning incense and tie-day T-shirts? For the 70s, a great theme is disco, so be sure to hang a mirrored ball from the ceiling and have plenty of disco music on hand. Once you've settled on a theme, you're ready to choose paper and embellishments for your birthday invitations.

Be sure to choose a fun and upscale paper or card stock for the birthday invitations. From fun prints to elegant parchment, there are practically limitless choices either on the web or in big-box office supply stores. Just remember that your birthday invitations should be designed to convey information about the party and to set the scene by reflecting the theme. Don't make them too busy or ornate. And if you're on a tight budget, remember that plain white paper will work just fine. Also, don't forget the envelopes. If you're using plain white paper that you plan to fold into quarters for a card that's about 4 inches by 5.5 inches, you can find envelopes at almost any big-box office supply store, either on the web or bricks-and-mortar. These envelopes are usually 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches - the perfect size for your homemade invitations.

Now, you're ready to start composing the card! For this, you might need specialized greeting card software. Check the web for free downloads - there are plenty available. Or you can use word-processing software like the popular Microsoft Word that will also handle graphics. If you want dedicated greeting card software, two good choices are Greeting Card Studio and Greeting Card Zoom. You can use either to create high-quality birthday invitations that include photos, graphics and special effects and both are free to download.

Creating your own birthday invitations means that you'll need to choose some flashy graphics and text (or you can write your own text). Most greeting card software comes with built-in graphics and text that will compliment your theme. For birthday invitations, a bunch of brightly colored balloons or a yummy-looking birthday cake are good choices. And while built-in text is easy to use, writing your own text is preferred, to give birthday invitations that personal touch. Most software has this option and will print your custom message inside the card. Don't forget to choose a spiffy border to enhance the front of your card.

A lot of people like to embellish their homemade birthday invitations to make them really stand out. To do this you'll need some white glue that's designed to work on paper. Then gather up some bits of ribbon, sequins, plastic "jewels," glitter, beads and buttons. Glue the embellishments strategically on the face of the card for a great custom look. If you don't have embellishments and/or the other supplies for making birthday invitations, check out a big-box discount store for an inexpensive kit that contains everything you need to make several cards, including envelopes.

Making custom birthday invitations is a great way to show someone that you love and value them. You can bet that the recipient will keep a homemade card or even add it to a scrapbook of personal memories.

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