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Birthday invitations

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Designing Good Birthday Invitations

If you have a birthday for a friend or someone in the family coming up, you might want to consider sending out some birthday invitations. The first urge you have may be to go out and buy some stock birthday invitations to send. Why not try something a little more creative this time?

The first step to designing your birthday invitations is going to be to figure out what kind of party the invitations are actually for. If your party is going to have some kind of theme, you are probably going to want the invitations to match the theme of the party. A custom crafted birthday invitation is a great way to show everyone that you care.

The basics to include in birthday invitations, of course, are who's birthday it is, where the party will be, and what time it will be. You may also want to let people know if it's necessary to bring anything, or if they should dress up for the event. With those basic facts in place, the design possibilities for the card itself are limitless. Be as imaginative as you want. The flashier and more attractive the birthday invitations, the more likely it is that people will come to your party.

Come up with an interesting theme for your party and the card design should follow naturally from that. When searching for a party theme, consider first and foremost what the person who's birthday it is would enjoy. It is also very important that the birthday invitations reflect the tone of the party. If it's a more formal affair, make sure that the birthday invitations convey that tone.

Should the party be for a younger child, get that child involved in the party and the design of the birthday invitations. Make the child feel like the party is something they've worked hard on as well. Children can easily get involved with the birthday invitations, doing simpler tasks. If the birthday invitations are going to be delivered by hand, feel free to get as creative as you want. If the birthday invitations need to be mailed, however, you'll want to keep the design to something that the Post Office can deal with.

If you don't have the time to design your own birthday invitations, there are many predesigned choices out there, but they are going to be fairly expensive. Making your own party invitations can be a fun and rewarding experience. When making your own, just make sure to include the name, place, time, and whether any gifts are required.

Getting your own invitations together can add that original flair to your party that can get everyone excited about it. There are so many possibilities when making your own birthday invitations that the only real limit is how much time and money you are willing to spend. Some possible ideas include making the birthday invitations so that they have a slot for a DVD. On the DVD you could have a message from the birthday boy or girl, or a preview of what the party is going to be like.

If you have any kind of image editing software you can create a collage to go into the card. A collage can be an interesting way to get people excited about the party and to let them get to know the birthday boy or girl a little better. Don't be afraid to make your birthday invitations different shapes as well. The invitations don't have to be simple squares. Anything goes really as long as the invitations will fit into an envelope. A creatively designed invitation will catch people's eye and they will be more likely to attend the party.

Birthday invitations can be about just the basics, or they can be a wonderful way to let people know how incredible your party is going to be. Just be sure to include the facts, like when, where, what to wear, what to bring, whose birthday it is and how old they happen to be. Once you have these basic facts down you can go wild with the design of your birthday invitations. Let out your creativity and get the children involved as well to let them take part in organizing their own birthday party.

own birthday invitations
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