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Etiquette for Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations are a great way to let everyone know there will be an event in celebration of the person to be honored. When planning a party for someone's birthday there are a lot of things that should be considered. A theme for the party should be decided, a date, time, entertainment possibilities and refreshments should all be decided on. However, the most important aspect of a party is the birthday invitations since nobody will show up unless they know it exists. There are traditional ways to send birthday invitations and with today's technology there are also some more modern ways. Etiquette still dictates certain expectations, though, regardless of the means you use to send the birthday invitations.

When sending birthday invitations it is customary to do so eight weeks in advance. This allows the person who is invited to ensure their schedule is clear and to plan accordingly. However, not everyone has the means to plan a party that far in advance so while eight weeks is standard, the best rule of thumb is to send out birthday invitations as early as possible, no later than two weeks in advance and no earlier then eight weeks in advance. If it is a particularly special occasion that you are planning well in advance it may even benefit you to send out a "save the date" reminder several months prior then send out formal birthday invitations closer to the event. This is particularly true with milestone birthdays such as a first birthday, sixteen, eighteen, twenty one, forty or each decade thereafter.

There are various pieces of information that are important to include on birthday invitations. The name of the host or hostess as well as the birthday honoree should be included. The name of the place where the event will occur, address, date and time of the event should all be included on birthday invitations. Some birthday invitations even include the theme of the party, especially if it requires a certain dress code. For example, birthday invitations for a barbecue may state that casual attire is expected. A pool party may state to bring a bathing suit and towels. However, for more formal birthday invitations, the look of the invitation and way it is addressed should be evident to the person receiving it that it is formal. Unless there is a requirement for black tie, formal birthday invitations should not include dress expectations.

Picking out birthday invitations is important and should suit the theme and formality of the party. The birthday invitations should either be pre-printed or handwritten. The envelopes should always have a return address printed or hand written. The address of the invitee should be hand written in blue or black ink on the envelope as neatly as possible. When stuffing the birthday invitations in the envelope the seam should be at the bottom and the printed side toward the opening. This way when someone receives birthday invitations this is the first thing they see. Postage should be in the form of a stamp on birthday invitations and not metered. There are many lovely stamps from which to choose that will suit your birthday invitations.

In today's modern times, virtual birthday invitations are becoming more popular. This allows a convenient and easy way to let friends and family know there is an upcoming event. This is a great tool to use for informal birthday invitations but has not grown acceptance according to etiquette for more formal occasions. Your child's fifth birthday is an ideal time to use virtual birthday invitations. Your twenty fifth casual pool party is also an ideal time. Your parent's fiftieth formal birthday bash should use traditional birthday invitations, though so that the theme and formality of the event is appropriately portrayed.

Whenever you are having an event to honor someone's birthday, birthday invitations are an appropriate way to let people know about the occasion. It gives everyone invited relevant information regarding the event and lets them schedule time to ensure their attendance. Traditional paper birthday invitations should be used at all times for formal events. If it is a more casual event, though, the convenience and ease of using virtual birthday invitations is perfectly acceptable.

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