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Sending Birthday Invitations Via the Internet

Birthdays are fun occasions celebrated each year to commemorate your birth or that of someone special to you. There are numerous ways to celebrate birthdays regardless of the age of the person but one of the most traditional ways is to have a birthday party. Typically a birthday party is either a surprise or not. Sometimes it can be fun to pretend you are doing something else and walk in the door to a room filled with people shouting "surprise!" to the unsuspecting victim. But, it is also easier to plan a birthday and get recommendations when they are in the know. Regardless of the type, birthday invitations are a necessary part.

Birthday invitations let invitees know when and where the birthday party will occur and if there is any particular theme to the party. Typically birthday invitations are sent no later than two weeks in advance of the party to give people plenty of time to RSVP and give you a solid head count for who will be attending. It is advisable to give up to eight weeks so people can plan. Having people RSVP to the birthday invitations will allow you to plan for food and entertainment costs more effectively which can be extremely helpful. Traditionally, birthday invitations are hand written and mailed out using the postal service. However, with today's technology and so much time spent online, virtual birthday invitations are becoming more accepted.

There are numerous virtual birthday invitations available online. The way it works is you pick out a theme for your birthday invitations. Depending on the age and formality of the event, you can choose from funny birthday invitations, cartoons, sports themes, elegant birthday invitations and more. Just look through the various types that are available and pick out the one you like. You will enter the pertinent information regarding the party details. For example, you will enter the location, date and time and any other necessary information. Then, you will need a list of the invitees' email addresses.

You will enter the list of email addresses on the birthday invitations and select a date for it to be sent out to everyone. The birthday invitations will be emailed to everyone on the list. After everyone receives the birthday invitations they can RSVP per your instructions. You can certainly have everyone respond based on the traditional way which is a phone call letting you know they are planning to attend. You can then keep track of your invitations manually and get a solid head count. However, there are services that will even help you keep track of this.

Some services that supply birthday invitations even have an automated response where the person invited can click whether or not they will attend. This is quick and convenient for both the person invited as well as the host or hostess. The person invited does not have to spend a lot of time or energy trying to leave a message or get in touch with the person hosting the party. Instead, all they have to do is click the selection that they will be attending and their response is automatically recorded.

As the host or hostess, all you need to do is enter your administrative section that will be supplied to you and you can view all who are attending. You can see a list of those who will not attend, those who will attend and those who have not yet responded. This can be a really easy and convenient solution for everyone. You can even manually update the list of birthday invitations to account for someone who was invited outside the service or someone who does not have access to email so all your party organization is done in one place.

Using virtual birthday invitations is fast, easy and affordable. Most places on the Internet that provide such a service do so at no cost. Some have a free service but also have various upgrades for additional services. For example, you may have a selection of free birthday invitations but then there are also premium birthday invitations you can also choose from for a fee. Even the services for birthday invitations that charge a fee are very reasonable. When you take into account the amount of money you will spend on gas going to the store, your time picking out cards, your time addressing envelopes and the cost of postage, virtual birthday invitations are a much more cost effective solution.

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